Throughout the year I run a variety of retreats, including day, weekend and week retreats. These events, tend to be posted on my facebook page, click here and follow.

I will be running a variety of retreats in the UK, Czech Republic and Croatia. Some of these will be a day retreat, such as relax and restore or an equinox celebration. A Green Apothecary week retreat, using essential oils. A weekend workshop on foraging. And many more.

If you wish me to run a retreat from you at a location of your choice, please do get in touch (email
Retreats can include:

— Conscious Cooking Retreat Day

— Equinox Gatherings and Yoga

You can click on any headings below that look interesting to find more detailed information.
  • Conscious Cooking Retreat Day
    New dates to be confirmed

    Janey and Elizabeth are collaborating to provide a one-day retreat. Join us for a day of conscious creativity.

    The day will invite you to turn your attention inwards during a slow paced, nurturing and meditative physical practice, bringing you into the present and within yourself. 

    During the retreat, you will also get the opportunity to enliven your skills in the kitchen with a conscious cooking session from the yogic tradition. 

    After the cooking session we will join to give thanks for the dishes we have created. A theme of heart-centred creativity and connection will be encouraged throughout the day.

    Itinerary for the day:
    • 9:30 - Welcome and opening meditation
    • 10:00 - Yoga with Janey
    • 11:00 - Tea break
    • 11:15 - Cooking with Elizabeth
    • 13:15 - Offering and gratitude
    • 13:30 - Lunch
    • 14:30 - Walk or free time
    • 15:00 - Yoga Nidra with Elizabeth
    • 15:30 - Tea break
    • 15:45 - Yoga/meditation with Janey
    • 16:30 - Closing meditation and goodbyes

    About Janey:
    Janey has been a body worker for many years and continues to find different tools to help bring about a sense of peace and joy, within herself. Janey found that the practice of yoga, through the physical, the scriptures and meditation, complemented her already existing practice of spiritual reading, meditation and physical activity but with a deeper understanding. This lead to a yoga teaching qualification, so she could offer the space for others to either have a massage, meditate, walk, do a yoga class to bring themselves into the moment. Janey's classes are for everyone, so they can find their own peace and joy, within each moment.

    About Elizabeth:
    Elizabeth ran a vegan food catering business and blog before taking her interest in yoga further. After extensive training with the British wheel of yoga and practises inspired by Bhakti and Karma yoga, she is now combining her knowledge and skills in “conscious cooking” workshops and classes. Her physical yoga classes are heart centred with her roots inspired by spirituality. She believes that all things can be related back to yoga and recognising the divinity within all of us.

    Please bring with you:
    • Comfortable warm clothing
    • A yoga mat, (we have some if you need to borrow one)
    • A blanket or shawl for yoga nidra
    • A cushion or pillow to use during practise
    • A re-useable box/jar/Tupperware in which to take food home.

    If anyone has any allergies or a specific diet, please let us know in advance.

    All the food prepared will be free from meat, eggs, dairy, onion and garlic.

    Gluten free options are also available.
  • Equinox Gatherings and Yoga
    At the time of the equinox, either spring or autumn are times in nature when there is a change between coming into the light and turning inwards. I find at these times, there is much to either let go of, or bring in and I offer gatherings at these times to be able to share them with others.

    Autumn Equinox Gathering - Sunday 23rd September 2018

    9:30am - 3:30pm


    To book click here.

    Lulu Di Minto, from Autumn in Moonlight waking the wild woman, and Janey are holding an autumn equinox gathering.

    Details to follow.

    The days itinerary includes:
    • Celebration of what has manifested
    • Letting go of what's no longer required
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Intention Setting
    • Gentle Yoga
    • Bringing Lunch to Share
    • Guided Meditation
    • Vision Boards
    • Closing Ceremony
  • Women's Green Apothecary Retreat

    Workshops and talks by Margaret Karlinski and Mercedes Harris.

    Cadhay, an enchanting Elizabethan manor in rural East Devon, September 2019

    A stay at Cadhay is a rare and unique experience. Cadhay combines the grandeur of aristocratic Elizabethan living with all 21st century comforts. It feels welcoming, understated and relaxed.

    It has been listed by “Country Life” as ‘one of the top ten manor houses in the country’.

    I will be at the retreat running daily yin restorative yoga sessions as well as reiki and Dorn Method treatments. If you like to book a treatment, please get in touch

    Mercedes celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary at Cadhay and fell in love with this very special place. Her dream was born of returning to host a holistic wellness retreat!

    Cadhay is a most beautiful, warm and welcoming manor house with an interesting history and stunning gardens surrounded by glorious countryside.

    For more details of the Cadhay Manor Accommodation please see this brochure which you can download and print.

    If you are interested to attend please download and complete this booking form, where you will find details of what the costs do and don't include.

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