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    Welcome to Janey’s Yoga web site. I hope you find it interesting and easy to use. Please let me know if it is not so. You can click on any headings that look interesting to find more detailed information.
    You can also find information on the Therapies I offer such as Aromatherapy, Reiki, Dorn Method, Fascia Release and Reiki Workshops.
  • Who is Janey’s Yoga suitable for?
    Yoga is non-competitive and is suitable to people of all ages.
  • What can Janey’s Yoga do for me?
    Yoga can help with:
    • Strength:
      • Core Muscles: (Abdonimals, Back, Pelvic Floor)
      • Muscle Groups: (Quads, Hamstrings, Biceps, Back, Abdominals, Arms, Legs)
    • Flexibility, through stretching/lengthening
    • Balance
    • Mobilising joints: (hip, shoulder, spine)
    • Improving your posture
    • Reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety
    • Improving concentration
    • Cleansing and purifying the body & mind
    • Enhanced feeling of wellbeing
  • What happens in a session of Janey’s Yoga?
    In a yoga class, you will:
    • do postures/exercises
      • within the postures you are encouraged to co-ordinate your breath (moving with the breath), mind (noticing what the dialogue is within your mind) and body (working specific muscle groups, strengthening the core, noticing what is appropriate for your body).
    • learn relaxation techniques
    • learn techniques to control the breath or breathing (pranayama)
    • be guided in meditation and visualisation techniques
  • Who is Janey?
    Jane qualified from the Northern School of Aromatherapy, Nr. Leeds in 2000 and has been a practicing Aromatherapist for over 16 years.

    Jane is passionate about helping clients find calm and peace in body and mind, using essential oils to bring about a sense of relaxation, relief from pain and tension, stress and anxiety release in a supportive and nurturing environment. Providing clients with the opportunity to let go and allow them to connect back to themselves.

    During the first aromatherapy session, Jane takes extra time to do a full consultation, so that she can get a holistic view of the client and choose specific oils, which are best suited to the needs of the client at the time.

    Jane has extended her skills as a professional therapist over the years. She has experience working in a variety of therapy subjects including Reiki, Advanced Hopi Ear Candling and Counselling. In 2015 Jane qualified in Dorn Method, a specialist treatment to bring about balance and help with pain. Dorn Method is relaxing and calming, it can help with joint and spinal alignment to relieve knee, hip, shoulder, neck pain and alleviate muscular tension.

    Jane is a qualified Pilates Teacher and been teaching in Warwick and Leamington for 8 years and most recently teaching Yoga since qualifying with the British Wheel of Yoga.

    Yoga has many benefits including increasing flexibility, building strength, improving posture, increasing blood flow, uping heart rate, boosting immunity, helping you focus, improving your balance, releasing tension and aiding relaxation. Moving the body in yoga postures can help lift your mood, increase circulation and helps you focus your mind. Breathing in postures helps you to focus on your breath. Relaxation at the end of a Yoga class, can release muscular and nervous tension and aid a sense of calm and peace. Both Aromatherapy and Yoga complement each other as tools to aid relaxation and manage physical, emotional and psychological changes, as well as creating awareness within yourself to make choices beneficial to yourself.

    Jane is a member of the Complementary Therapists Association and British Wheel of Yoga.
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    For September and October I'm offering a £10 off all treatments, this includes:-
    • Fascia Release for aches and pains
    • Dorn Method (joint and spinal alignment)
    • Aromatherapy Massage
    • Remedial Massage
    • Private Yoga/Pilates sessions:

    Please book directly with me by phone or email and use the PayPal button bellow to pay. Prices are:-
    • 90 mins £60
    • 60 mins £40
    • 30 mins £25

    Also, I am offering a reduced cost on block bookings, 5 sessions for £190 (normally £225), and 10 sessions for £380 (normally £400).

    Again, please book directly with me by phone or email and use the PayPal button bellow to pay.

    Please click here to download a copy of the leaflet.
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